Autism Workshop

Autism Workshop

The Serendipity Autism Awareness camp is held during the spring of every odd year. In years of theatre education and also working with special needs students, the inclusivity of theatre is a perfect blend to stretch and grow onstage for those on the spectrum as well as those that aren't. Theatre helps develop social and communication skills that can often be challenging for autistic students. By design, theatre also heightens compassion and reminds us what it means to be human, and that is a great lesson for ALL of our students!

This camp is designed to allow kids on the autism spectrum to play and explore, the required age group for campers is Kindergarten thru high school. Typical peers are also encouraged to join us to have fun!

100% of the profits from this camp will be donated to the Autism Research Institute which is a non-profit that has been doing autism research for 50 years and also the Carroll Summer Fun Camp which serves children on the autism spectrum.

  • Cost is $25 per camper, each camper receives a free tshirt
  • Camp size is limited to 25 students! Minimum number of campers must be at least 10 to be held.

Dates and registration information will be available on the registration form for the current year. 

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Meet Sonia Cuvelier Walsh

Meet Sonia Cuvelier Walsh

Sonia Cuvelier Walsh has many years experience working with children. She has that combined with her knowledge and love of the theater which makes her the perfect person to teach drama to kids of all ages.  If you want to expose your child to the magic of theater, the art of performing, to help them gain self-confidence and have a great time while doing it, then Serendipity Acting Studio definitely is the place to be!

“ Acting - it’s sort of like advanced pretend. ”

—Jeff Bridges

“ Without acting I cannot breathe. ”

—Sir Laurence Olivier

“ Acting is the greatest answer to my loneliness that I have found. ”

—Clare Danes

“ The thing about performance, even if its only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we contain within ourselves infinite possibilities. ”

—Daniel Day Lewis

“ Acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over. ”

—Alan Rickman

“ I found the theatre and I found my home. ”

—Audra McDonald

“ Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest productions and still have the biggest impact. ”

—Neil Patrick Harris

“ One of the things about acting is it allows you to live other people’s lives with paying the price. ”

—Robert DeNiro

“ I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being ”

—Oscar Wilde

“ Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there. ”

—Meryl Streep

“ Good morning. You are perfectly cast in your life. I can’t imagine anyone but you in the role. Go play. ”

—Lin-Manuel Miranda

“ Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances ”

—Stanford Meisner

“ The best actors instinctively feel out what other actors need, and they just accommodate it. ”

—Christopher Nolan

“ Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art. ”

—Konstantin Stanislavsky